Star Trek Discovery Box Break – Detmer Mirror Mirror Case Hit!

I finally hit a Mirror Mirror Insert card in this Box break! The Detmer M7 and I owe it all to the Mary Wiseman good luck Spell she gave me. LOL It wasn’t the Tilly card but still my first case hit!

I needed this young Michael Burnham card!

Another great addition to the collection. I hit a Chris Obi before but this card had the border variation I needed. Have both his cards now.

Here’s the YouTube Break if you want to watch.

Reward Card Arrived!

My Rittenhouse Archives Rewards card arrived! As documented over the last few weeks, it has been a pretty quick process from packaging up the wrappers, sending them in, reward points being added to my account, ordering a card and it’s arrival!

I selected the Captain Philippa Georgiou DP5 Card.

The card arrived in a priority mail small box, with promo cards on both sides for protection. The only issue throughout this who process is the card arrived with a ding in the lower left… I’ll see if there is any way to get a replacement, but the overall process was a good one.

Gene Roddenberry Business Card 5×7 Relic

Just added an amazing piece of Star Trek History to the collection this weekend with this Gene Roddenberry Business Card! It is slabbed in a 5×7 Relic Card, and was only available as a 3-Case Purchase incentive for the 2011 Rittenhouse Archives, The Complete Star Trek Next Generation Series 1. I’ve never purchased an entire case let alone 3 that was needed for this card, so I had to hunt one down on eBay. This will be a center piece of my collection showing where it all started!