Michelle Bonilla – Bu’Kah from Enterprise “Sleeping Dogs”

My latest eBay pickup from 2002 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek Enterprise Season 1, Michelle Bonilla Autograph Card AA13. One of my favorite episodes was “Sleeping Dogs”.

While I was watching Star Trek Lower Decks Episode 2 last week, there was a Klingon Merchant and her voice reminded me of Michelle’s. The was an autograph on eBay for only $10 so I snagged it. .

Linda Park – M8 Mirror Mirror

In A Mirror Linda Park Card M8, from 2005 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek Enterprise Season 4. Great mirror universe character and Hoshi would rise to Empress!

I don’t remember what City and Convention i took this photo at, but the pic was dated June 7th, 2003. So this must have been just after season 2 wrapped on TV. Great meeting Linda Park in person and got a photo signed!

Sorry for the blurry pic but wanted to share some old convention photos.

Anthony Montgomery as Ensign Travis Mayweather – or Mirror Universe Captain Mayweather?

Anthony has a pretty nice signature on this 2019 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek Inflexions series release. Card is actually dated 2016 as Rittenhouse has been mixing in past autographs as hits.

I met Anthony at an Anaheim Wondercon before and got this photo signed. The pic is of the Mirror Universe Travis who is a MACO in one of the most fun 2 part Enterprise episodes “In A Mirror Darkly”. So at the very end, Hoshi declares herself Empress Sato with the help of Travis – who will later become Captain of the Defiant in story lines outside of the TV series.