Star Trek Discovery Box Break

Just finished opening a box of Star Trek Discovery. I’m saving up the wrappers so I can get the Captain Georgiou Rewards Card on the Rittenhouse Archives site but its gonna take a lot more boxes for 300 wrapper points 🙂

2018 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek Discovery, Katherine Barrell Autograph

My first box hit was Katherine Barrell who played Stella Grimes in the Season 1 episode “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”. That was a fun show with Harcourt Mudd and Stella was the lovesick fiancee.

2018 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek Discovery, David Benjamin Tomlinson Autograph

My second box hit was David Benjamin Tomlinson who played the Klingon character Or’Eq. I’ll have to do a little re-watching to see if i can spot him in any scenes.