Bobby Clark as the Gorn Captain

2001 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek 35th Anniversary, Gorn Captain Card A8

On of my favorite Captains, although not from Star fleet LOL, The Gorn Captain!

Kirk in hand to hand combat with the Gorn Captain in Season 1 Episode 18. Episode “Arena” aired on January 19, 1967.

I’d love to visit Vasquez Rocks outside of Los Angeles where this was shot. The very iconic rock formations.

Sean Kenney as Captain Christopher Pike

2020 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek TOS Archives and Inscriptions, Card LA13

With the announcement of the new Captain Pike series Star Trek Strange New Worlds, I wanted to get an autograph card of the original series Captain Pike!

The reverse of this card is dated 2018, but it was released in 2020 as part of the TOS Archives and Inscriptions series.

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture, Captain Kirk Card 63

Some vintage cards by Topps from 1979. Back in the day a lot of non-sports had some really bad cuts and centering, but are still nice to have in the collection.

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture, Captain Kirk Sticker Card 7
1979 Topps, Star Trek The Motion Picture, Card 1

My first Star Trek Autograph – George Takei 1974?

George Takei, Sacramento Buddhist Church, 1974

My very first autograph ever was as a little kid and best guess is this was 1974. Back then I was in love with Star Trek and although I have a terrible memory I actually remember discussing with my friend what Star Trek greeting we should give him LOL. Got to to meet George and he autographed a 5×8 index card. It was tacked to my wall for so many years its pretty faded now and you can see the pin hole.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Box Break

I was really happy to hit this Gary Lockwood Autograph today. The Episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is one of my favorites and this card has Gary pictured with the Silver Eyes. This episode aired on September 22, 1966 in Season 1 Episode 3. Loved the fight scene between Kirk and Gary at the end!

The autograph came out of this box of 2016 Star Trek 50th The Original Series.

My second box hit was a Space Hippie! Victor Brandt played Tongo Rad in the Star Trek Original Series episode “The Way to Eden”.