Star Trek The Search for Spock – Movie Souvenir Program

I miss how the new movies no longer have the Souvenir Programs. This one has a lot of wear on it but is dated 1984 Paramount Pictures. I got to see a sneak preview of the movie before this premiered by filling out a Star Trek Trivia entry at a local Taco Bell and was nerdy enough to nail all the questions. LOL

The vintage program made me want to re-watch The Search for Spock. I purchased The Original Series Movie Blu-Ray set and it was worth the expense. I Love having Disc media for the Special Features and Commentaries that you do not get with the Online Movie Subscriptions.

Uhura and Kirk – Television’s First Interracial Kiss

2018 Rittenhouse Archive, Star Trek TOS The Captain’s Collection, Uhura Card A282

This is a very underrated Uhura card that everyone should grab. The image in the card is from the scene with the very first interracial kiss on TV. Star Trek The Original Series, Season 3 Episode 10 Plato’s Stepchildren.

Nichelle Nichol’s as Lt. Uhura and William Shatner as Captain Kirk made history with this kiss!

I was able to find the screen capture used for the card!

Lee Delano as Kalo from TOS – A Piece of the Action

I was watching a rerun of The Original Series Season 2 Episode 17 “A Piece of the Action” and thought I’d share an autograph I had. Lee Delano has since passed, but met him at a convention years ago and he signed this photo.

A Piece of the Action aired on January 12, 1968.

I tried to take a snapshot of the scene with Kirk teaching the imaginary game of “Fizzbin” to Kalo. Might be a fraction of a second off?

Majel Barrett as Lt. M’Ress

Just got this one off eBay. With the announcement of Star Trek’s new animated series Lower Decks, I wanted to make sure my collection had a card from the original TOS animated show. This is card A5 from the 2003 The Complete Animated Adventures by Rittenhouse Archives. Majel Barrett did the voice for M’Ress who is a Caitian and I believe there is a Caitian in Lower Decks 🙂