Star Trek Discovery Season 1 – Box Break # 3310

An amazing hit in this box! Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz dual autograph Card. Lieutenant Paul Stamets and Dr. Hugh Culber.

Click here to watch the break on YouTube

This was a great box. Not only because of the Cruz/Rapp dual autograph but this Terry Serpico was the bordered variant I needed as well.

This was Box 3310. Star Trek Discovery Season 1.

Rittenhouse Wrapper Redemption 2

It’s time to send more wrappers in. Sending wrappers for 9 boxes. 24 wrappers per box and 2 points a wrapper equals 432 points.

Per my YouTube Video on how I package these up, I bundle the wrappers from each box tightly to reduce the amount of space taken up. I also write down the box number and amount of wrappers and points to help whomever processes these. I also use an eBay polybag which has almost no weight at all. Avoiding a cardboard box helps lower the shipping costs.

Sending in Discovery Boxes # 1461, 1462, 2684, 2713, 4461, 4462, 5531

Star Trek Beyond Boxes # 1308, 2692

Star Trek Discovery Season One Box Break – # 4462

This is my 3rd hit of this dual autograph card but that’s okay as Mary Chieffo and Shazad Latif are 2 incredibly important characters! L’Rell and Lieutenant Ash Tyler.

I needed this one for the collection! Happy to add Bonnie Morgan as Caepusculan. I think these were the aliens in the Pilot episode The Vulcan Hello where Michael Bernham and Captain Georgiou fixed their water source in the desert.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Box 4462

Here’s the link to this break on YouTube.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 – Box Break # 1462

Great Box Break! hit a Sara Mitich autograph for the collection. Star Trek Discovery Season 1, Lt. Commander Airiam!

A very rare box hit! Anthony Rapp as Lt. Paul Stamets. Costume Relic RC9.

This break was from Box # 1462.

Here’s the YouTube break if you want to see the packs being opened.

Harry Judge as Mirror Gorch was the second hit.

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Box Break # 2713

This was a cool pair of cards to hit in he same box. An autograph of Mirror Universe Gorch played by Harry Judge, and one of the Behind The Scenes cards happened to have Harry in the make-up chair!

The serial number on this box was # 2713.

Here’s the link to the box break on YouTube if you want to see the packs and hits

Another cool hit was the Full Bleed autograph of Conrad Coates as Admiral Terral. I had the Bordered version but needed this one.