Picard Episode 6 – Hugh Borg

It was great to see the return of Jonathan Del Arco in Picard Episode 6 “The Impossible Box”. One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation was Season 5 Episode 23 titled “I, Borg” where Jonathan first debuted as a Borg drone with the designation Third of Five later named Hugh by Geordi and the Enterprise crew.

Here is an old convention photo i took of Jonathan and the photo is dated 6/22/1997. Country Club Plaza, Sacramento, CA.

Jonathan would later appear as Hugh Borg in Star Trek The Next Generation in the 2 part episode “Descent”. Part I was the Season 6 ending cliff hanger with Hugh emerging as one of the key characters in Part II which would be the Season 7 Episode 1 opener.

Screen capture of Hugh and Captain Jean Luc Picard from StarTrek.com’s video Star Trek:Picard – Taking the Borg out of XBS. A nice reunion between the 2 characters.