Anson Mount – Captain Pike Costume Relic

Captain Pike’s Uniform Relic Card from Star Trek Discovery Season 2. Anson Mount is fantastic in Star Trek Strange New Worlds. The SNW Cards are coming out in 2024 but the Discovery Season 2 cards had Anson’s first cards.

Rebecca Romijn Swimsuit Card

Rebecca has been a fan favorite since her first appearance in Star Trek Discovery when the Enterprise arrived and now a fan favorite in a show of her own Star Trek Strange New Worlds. This is a cool card of Rebecca as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. She has several cards but the Decade Special card is the harder to find one.

Strange New Worlds – Solar Sails

Episode 5 Amok Spok was definitely my favorite so far – especially the solar ship scene at the end.

Here’s a pic of a ship with solar sails from Star Trek Deep Space Nice – Episode “Voyagers” Season 3 Episode 22.

Captain Sisko and Jake piloting the ship.

Here’s a cool costume relic of Captain Sisko from the episode Voyagers. 2007 Star Trek Quotable Deep Space 9 – Card C11.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds – The Gorn are back

Actually that is not quit right that the Gorn are back, This encounter in Season 1 Episode 4 of Star Trek Stranger New Worlds is before Captain Kirk’s Gorn encounter.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds S1 E4 – screen shot from Paramount Pus

One of the best commercials was William Shatner for the Star Trek The Video Game commercial released April 2013.

Here is a Trading Card oldie from 1996. Star Trek The Card Game. Wild Personal Challenge card featuring the Gorn Captain and our Captain Kirk!

It’s been an Amazing Star Trek Day 2021

Screen Capture from Paramount Plus Star Trek Day n YouTube

I’ve been watching the Paramount Plus coverage of Star Trek Day on YouTube. Can’t believe its been 55 years and still going strong!