Captain Kirk P1 Promo – Archives and Inscription

The TOS Archives and Inscriptions cards were a fun series – the show quotes are cool but the autographs and inscriptions by the actors were fantastic! Here is a Promo card available in our eBay Store.

The latest promo cards are available free on the Rittenhouse Website that I listed in the links section. Limited to one per person and you need to send in a self addressed stamped envelope.

William Shatner Autograph – Live Autographs

This signed 8×10 is from a company Live Autographs that is no longer in business, but they had a cool concept back in the day. Before the social Social Media boom, they were the first ones to offered custom video greetings and autographs. I missed the deadline for the custom greeting but bought a photo and generic birthday greeting. I’ll post the video on YouTube one of these days.