Sending in some Rittenhouse Star Trek Wrappers

Sending in some Star Trek wrappers to Rittenhouse for the reward points. Its still going to take me about 20 more boxes to get the card I want from the rewards catalog but I’m enjoying all the recent releases and can’t wait to open more! I especially love the base set from last week’s release of Women of Star Trek Art and Images.

I made a YouTube video a while back on how I Submit my wrappers to try and reduce the shipping cost and much as possible. I just made an adjustment today that helps.

  • Instead of bundling the packs with a single sheet of paper folded several times to form a band I sliced a sheet of paper up into thin slices to wrap with. I bundle the packs by the box opened so these have 24 packs each bundle. I write the box number on it, and note 24 packs to help whomever has to count these. I could have used a rubber band but I think the note you can write on a thin piece of paper can help the processing person see how you bundled these.
  • I use a small light weight polybag to ship in.
  • Don’t forget you enclose the Rittenhouse Reward Submission Form
  • There was an update to their shipping address a while back so always double-check the address you are sending to per their website instructions.
  • Always be mindful the shipping sticker and any tape used to sealed the package will add additional weight.
  • Before I seal the poly bag I press down on the package to squeeze the air out and the package is both thinner to drop into a mailbox and the shipping sticker had a better flat surface to adhere to.
  • For my 5 boxes or 120 Wrappers the weigh is exactly 4 ounces which is $4.75 for US Postal First Class. Just a little heavier at 5 ounces the price would have been $5.50. And if you would have used a box the price have jumped a lot!

Hope this helps!

It’s been an Amazing Star Trek Day 2021

Screen Capture from Paramount Plus Star Trek Day n YouTube

I’ve been watching the Paramount Plus coverage of Star Trek Day on YouTube. Can’t believe its been 55 years and still going strong!