Star Trek Picard – Box 6181 Break

So excited to break my first box of Star Trek Picard Season 1

Our first autograph hit was a Captain! Barbara Eve Harris as CaptainEmily Bosch – Episode “The Impossible Box”

My second autograph was a cool dual autograph of the Ramsey Twins Nikita and Jade. They played twin Synthetics Saga and Arcana in the Episode “Et in Arcadia Ego”. Just added to the eBay Store.

William Shatner First Pitch

Hey Shatner Fans I have a recommendation for what I think is a very underrated card. In 2017 Topps Baseball made a William Shatner First Pitch Card. Yes its Captain Kirk tossing out the first ball at a Red Socks game! I like picking these up when I see them for a buck or two.

The card has an exact date printed on the back of the game which is August 12, 2016 – maybe you were there!