Kasia Kowalczyk as Kelvin Alien

Kasia Kowalczyk portrayed an alien Bridge Crew member onboard the U.S.S. Kelvin at the beginning of the Star Trek 2009 movie. The crew had to evacuate after taking heavy damage from Nero’s ship and I think or hope she made it safely to one of the shuttles!

I wasn’t able to find a matching screen shot during the opening scene for Kasia so this most likely is from footage that did not make the cut or from a publicity photo?

Amanda Foreman as Hannity

Amanda Foreman as Hannity from 2014 Star Trek Movies which has cards from both Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness.

I almost got the exact screen shot the card portrays from a TNT replay of Star Trek 2009. Captain Pike asks Hannity to hail the U.S.S. Truman when they were about to warp into Vulcan space. Amanda is listed in the credits for Star Trek Into Darkness so I’ll keep watch for her the next time I rewatch it.

Reward Card Arrived!

My Rittenhouse Archives Rewards card arrived! As documented over the last few weeks, it has been a pretty quick process from packaging up the wrappers, sending them in, reward points being added to my account, ordering a card and it’s arrival!

I selected the Captain Philippa Georgiou DP5 Card.

The card arrived in a priority mail small box, with promo cards on both sides for protection. The only issue throughout this who process is the card arrived with a ding in the lower left… I’ll see if there is any way to get a replacement, but the overall process was a good one.

Majel Barrett as Lt. M’Ress

Just got this one off eBay. With the announcement of Star Trek’s new animated series Lower Decks, I wanted to make sure my collection had a card from the original TOS animated show. This is card A5 from the 2003 The Complete Animated Adventures by Rittenhouse Archives. Majel Barrett did the voice for M’Ress who is a Caitian and I believe there is a Caitian in Lower Decks 🙂