Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko. From 2019 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek Inflexions. A great addition to the collection not only as a fan of Star Trek DS9, but because I have been following Cirroc’s channel for really great Star Trek talk!

If you haven’t tuned into Cirroc’s YouTube channel, click on the icon for his show The 7th Rule that he started with Aron Eisenberg “Nog” and Producer/Trek Actor Ryan T. Husk. Great show that not only reviews DS9 Episodes, but has on Trek Actors and Guests that share lot of amazing behind the scenes content. They also put together the recent Virtual Trek Con that was really fun!

Uhura and Kirk – Television’s First Interracial Kiss

2018 Rittenhouse Archive, Star Trek TOS The Captain’s Collection, Uhura Card A282

This is a very underrated Uhura card that everyone should grab. The image in the card is from the scene with the very first interracial kiss on TV. Star Trek The Original Series, Season 3 Episode 10 Plato’s Stepchildren.

Nichelle Nichol’s as Lt. Uhura and William Shatner as Captain Kirk made history with this kiss!

I was able to find the screen capture used for the card!

Vintage Q Bear from the Las Vegas Star Trek Experience

Added another Star Trek Bear to the collection. This one is the Q Bear. Tag says Paramount 1997 by Fiesta. Still has the tag and price sticker from the Last Vegas Star Trek Experience. Only got to visit once while it was open and miss it!

Here’s a pic from a 2005 trip to Las Vegas. Amazing ship display hanging from the high ceilings at Star Trek Experience.

My biggest regret was not trying the food and drinks at Quark’s!

Lee Delano as Kalo from TOS – A Piece of the Action

I was watching a rerun of The Original Series Season 2 Episode 17 “A Piece of the Action” and thought I’d share an autograph I had. Lee Delano has since passed, but met him at a convention years ago and he signed this photo.

A Piece of the Action aired on January 12, 1968.

I tried to take a snapshot of the scene with Kirk teaching the imaginary game of “Fizzbin” to Kalo. Might be a fraction of a second off?

My Cameo Good Luck Wish from Mary Wiseman – Star Trek Discovery’s Tilly

Star Trek Fans check out Cameo and order personalized greetings from your favorite stars. I got one from Mary Wiseman and it’s awesome! I have opened a lot of boxes of Star Trek Discovery Season 1 trading cards but have yet to find a rare Tilly M4 Mirror Mirror card. So I reached out to Mary for a good luck greeting and got an incredible Good Luck Spell.

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