Bobby Clark as the Gorn Captain

2001 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek 35th Anniversary, Gorn Captain Card A8

On of my favorite Captains, although not from Star fleet LOL, The Gorn Captain!

Kirk in hand to hand combat with the Gorn Captain in Season 1 Episode 18. Episode “Arena” aired on January 19, 1967.

I’d love to visit Vasquez Rocks outside of Los Angeles where this was shot. The very iconic rock formations.

Star Trek Discovery Box Break 05-26-2020

Did another Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Box Break and here are my hits. Rehka Sharma as Commander Ellen Landry.

Sam Vartholomeos as Ensign Danby Connor.

I had just posted one of these I bought on eBay and got another one as my very first Discovery Relic box pull. LOL Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou Costume Relic # RC3.

Jennifer Hetrick as Vash – One of Captain Picard’s Girlfriends

2017 Rittenhouse Archives Women of Star Trek, Vash Costume Card, Relic RC12

I post a lot of Captains but this one is a Captain’s Girlfriend 🙂 What a nice surprise when this arrived and the reverse of the card said this was worn by Vash in Deep Space 9 and not from the Next Generation. Forgot all about this episode and just re-watched this episode Q-Less from Season 1 Episide 7.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer at a convention. Sorry for the low quality pic but this was taken in 2003.

Here’s the 8×10 Jennifer signed for me!

Jamie Bamber as Captain Lee Adama

Rittenhouse Archives Battlestar Galactica, From The Archives Costume Material Apollo CC5

I posted a costume card of Richard Hatch from the original Battlestar a while back, and got its modern day counterpart which is a piece of Jamie Bamber’s costume from the reboot. Bought this a month ago on eBay, but just got it as the postal process between Canada and the US has a very long delay right now due to COVID-19. I was watching a Battlestar Galactica marathon at the start of the Stay At Home advisory and that prompted my search for both of these cards.

Star Trek Discovery Box Break

Just finished opening a box of Star Trek Discovery. I’m saving up the wrappers so I can get the Captain Georgiou Rewards Card on the Rittenhouse Archives site but its gonna take a lot more boxes for 300 wrapper points 🙂

2018 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek Discovery, Katherine Barrell Autograph

My first box hit was Katherine Barrell who played Stella Grimes in the Season 1 episode “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”. That was a fun show with Harcourt Mudd and Stella was the lovesick fiancee.

2018 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek Discovery, David Benjamin Tomlinson Autograph

My second box hit was David Benjamin Tomlinson who played the Klingon character Or’Eq. I’ll have to do a little re-watching to see if i can spot him in any scenes.

Sean Kenney as Captain Christopher Pike

2020 Rittenhouse Archives, Star Trek TOS Archives and Inscriptions, Card LA13

With the announcement of the new Captain Pike series Star Trek Strange New Worlds, I wanted to get an autograph card of the original series Captain Pike!

The reverse of this card is dated 2018, but it was released in 2020 as part of the TOS Archives and Inscriptions series.

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture, Captain Kirk Card 63

Some vintage cards by Topps from 1979. Back in the day a lot of non-sports had some really bad cuts and centering, but are still nice to have in the collection.

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture, Captain Kirk Sticker Card 7
1979 Topps, Star Trek The Motion Picture, Card 1