Triangle Security Bits arrived

A major bummer. The triangle shaped tool bits arrived from Amazon. I was able to take off all three of the security screws on the bottom of my Burger King Shuttle Craft but I can’t open it up. The two sides feel like they are snapped in tight together despite taking out the screws. Ugggggg

How rare is this Dave and Busters Card?

Having just been to Dave and Busters to play the Star Trek Coin Pusher Game, I was looking through some cards my niece and brother-in-law gave me a while back since they knew I’m a Trekkie.

I could not find this card on eBay when trying to check on its rarity?

I did find an old article from the Dave and Buster’s Facebook page saying there would be a special card to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek and only available for 3 days. Card is dated 2016 so what incredible timing I got this as a gift during those 3 days! Thanks Amy and Gene

Can I change the battery in my Burger King Shuttle?

My favorite Burger King collectible is the 2009 Star Trek movie shuttle but I need to change the battery. Thanks Michelle I still have this on my shelf after 13 Years 🙂

No more sound after all these years – I was going to attempt to change the battery but it has the little triangle shaped screws.

I don’t even know if this is the correct size but i just ordered a set of triangle shaped bits on Amazon. I’ll update the post if these fit!

Strange New Worlds – Solar Sails

Episode 5 Amok Spok was definitely my favorite so far – especially the solar ship scene at the end.

Here’s a pic of a ship with solar sails from Star Trek Deep Space Nice – Episode “Voyagers” Season 3 Episode 22.

Captain Sisko and Jake piloting the ship.

Here’s a cool costume relic of Captain Sisko from the episode Voyagers. 2007 Star Trek Quotable Deep Space 9 – Card C11.