It’s been an Amazing Star Trek Day 2021

Screen Capture from Paramount Plus Star Trek Day n YouTube

I’ve been watching the Paramount Plus coverage of Star Trek Day on YouTube. Can’t believe its been 55 years and still going strong!

Rebecca Romijn – Number One

So excited to add this to my collection. As a lifelong fan of Star Trek The Original Series, I have always wanted the characters in the Pilot to be revisited.

Not only did Number One appear in Star Trek Discovery Season 2, but the Trio of Pike, Spock and Number One got their own series Strange New Worlds to air soon.

This card is from Star Trek Discovery Season 2, Costume Relic Card RC15 from Rebecca Romijn as Number One.

Landry and Ripper base cards – Discovery Season 1

My previous post was an autograph of Commander Landry and I mentioned how she got tore up by a Tardigrade. Here are a couple base cards from the Star Trek Discovery Season 1 set. Card 30 is Ripper and Card 22 is a shredded Ellen Landry LOL.

I opened a lot of Season 1 boxes and found the collation is really good. If you buy a sealed box you should have all the cards needed to make the full base set with a few duplicates.

I have the base sets available in the eBay Store if anyone is not into tearing open packs and making their own. Just click on the pic. 90 Card set.