Marco Rodriguez – Captain Paul Rice

Here’s a cool autograph of Marco Rodriguez as Captain Paul Rice. This Rittenhouse Archives autograph is from Star Trek The Next Generation and the reverse of the card lists the episode as “The Arsenal of Freedom”. I remember the episode and Captain Picard was not fooled that what he was seeing was a computer simulation of his friend Captain Rice.

Star Trek TNG Movie Collection

I finally bought the Star Trek The Next Generation Blu-Ray movie collection! Tonight I am watching Generations but with the Commentary turned on: Director David Carson and Manny Coto. Very nice hologram on the front.

Although I have the CBS All Access account to watch the television shows and movies, having the DVD’s or Blu-Rays are great for all the different commentaries and bonus features. They have so much cool insight into the production and actors!

Brent Spiner as Gall Trayvis – a Star Wars cross-over

We all know Brent in the Star Trek world as Lt. Commander Data or his evil brother Lor, but this trading card is an autograph from the Star Wars Masterwork series. Brent Spiner as the voice of Gall Trayvis from Star Wars Rebels. This card is actually listed on our eBay Store.

Gene Roddenberry Business Card 5×7 Relic

Just added an amazing piece of Star Trek History to the collection this weekend with this Gene Roddenberry Business Card! It is slabbed in a 5×7 Relic Card, and was only available as a 3-Case Purchase incentive for the 2011 Rittenhouse Archives, The Complete Star Trek Next Generation Series 1. I’ve never purchased an entire case let alone 3 that was needed for this card, so I had to hunt one down on eBay. This will be a center piece of my collection showing where it all started!

Marcus Nash as Ensign Jean-Luc Picard

Before he was Captain we got to see a younger Ensign Jean-Luc Picard in The Next Generations Season 6 Episode 15 “Tapestry”. This autograph is from the 2016 Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek The Next Generation Series.

This episode with Q shows how Jean-Luc almost died from a Nausicaan dagger through the heart. Skip to the current day Season 1 Episode 7 episode of Picard, we will see an older Jean Luc tell Kestra to aim her bow at his head instead of his heart because it is made of solid Duratanium.

I found the screen shot used for the trading card!

Here is Captain Picard and Q discussing his past and a cadet.

Michael Berryman as Captain Rixx

Rixx was a cool Starfleet Captain in the very creepy episode “Conspiracy”. Air Date was May 9, 1988 from Season 1 Episode 24. Lots of weird scenes including an exploding head scene at the end. LOL

This card was produced by Rittenhouse Archives in 2010 for their Star Trek Next Generation trading card series. Michael Berryman as Captain Rixx. The reverse of the card names the episode “Conspiracy” which is nice. Most cards do not reference the episode.

Wil Wheaton’s The Ready Room

If you are a fan of the new Star Trek Picard series, you have to tune into the CBS All Access Star Trek channel. Wil Wheaton’s show The Ready Room is fantastic with wonderful reviews and interviews with all the stars of the show. Wil is able to ask so many insightful questions as a former Next Generation cast member and his love of everything Star Trek.

Here’s a pic of Wil from a Wondercon Convention. Wil was very fan friendly taking time to stop for a quick photo.